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Online Courses

LISTEN UP: We take care of what happens inside of the online course. With our strategic planning and content creation, your course is set to roll in 5-star reviews and word-of-mouth raves.



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Package #1: Done For You

Busy taking care of business?

You have the idea. I write the content.


For this option, you provide me with the online course topic & any materials you have, and we'll review it all in a 1-hour call. I will take it from there. The done-for-you package begins with a deep dive into your brand voice and audience. From there, I complete extensive research.


After I've become a mini-expert, that's when the content comes to life. I will deliver video scripts, course transcripts, and digital download content. We'll end with course design & development consulting to make sure your course is transformational.


Starting At $8,997

Package Options

  • Ideal audience research

  • Online-course validation

  • Content-research

  • Video scripts/outline writing

Untitled design.png
  • Digital download content

  • Bonus content (up to 3 pages)

  • Course descriptions

  • Slide deck template
  • PDF template design

  • Production consulting

  • Development consulting

  • Launch templates

  • Launch consulting


Package #2: Done With You

Are you a hands-on creator?

The initial stages of this package are all about collaboration. They say two heads are better than one, so for this option, I'll guide you through how to conduct audience-research, content research and outline your frameworks. Then, we'll collaborate on outlining the full course.



After we've set the foundation, I'll work my magic. We will create interactive element content together that I will use as the inspiration for transformative video scripts or extended outlines. Then, my team will help bring your words to life with design templates.


We'll end with course production, development, and launch consulting to ensure your course is a smash hit.


Starting At $4,497

Package Options

Work Desk
  • Audience research consulting

  • Course validation collaboration

  • Content-research collaboration

Modern Workspace
  • Download content writing

  • Video scripts/outline writing

  • Bonus content (up to 3 pages)

  • Pricing & packaging consulting

Home Decor
  • Framework consulting

  • Production consulting

  • Development consulting

  • Launch templates

  • Launch consulting


Package #3: Course Consulting

We are in this together! This package includes my guidance each step of the way.


We will start by researching your audience to validate your course ideas. From there, we'll have several content-creation sessions where you'll write your extended course outline. I'll review content to ensure that it's transformative before we move onto production.


From there, I'll consult with you on creating scripts, training videos, pricing & packaging, design, development, and launch. Like I said...I'm here each step of the way.


Starting At $1,897

Package Options

  • Audience research consulting

  • Validation consulting

  • Course outline consulting

  • Instructional design consulting

Notepad on Desk
  • Script-writing training

  • Video production training

  • Slide deck design walkthrough

  • Digital download design walkthrough

Concierge Desk
  • Development consulting

  • Pricing & packaging consulting

  • Launch templates & consulting

  • Content reviews

Launch Videos

LISTEN UP: There's no better way to convert your audience into paying customers than value-packed videos. Let us write the scripts to keep those conversion rates sky high.



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Webinar Script + Download

73% of marketers consider webinars to be a great source of quality leads. Conversion rates are often higher than for other content types, converting between 5% and 20% of viewers into buyers.


To increase your conversion rates, we'll write an interactive, informative, transformation webinar script that leaves attendees wanting more.



This package includes: audience research, scriptwriting (up to 90 minutes), content writing for 1 download

Starting At $1,197


Social Media Video Script + Caption

⅓ of the time spent online is devoted to watching videos, according to Social Media Today.


Videos are one of the best ways to capture and convert your audience into loyal buyers. We will write a promo video script that lets your audience know what you've got to offer in an engaging and eye-catching way that’ll stand out in newsfeeds.



This package includes: audience research, scriptwriting (up to 90 seconds), and caption-writing

Starting At $397

Lead Magnets

LISTEN UP: Email marketing is still queen. It's the best way to take ownership of your audience no matter how the social media landscape changes. Use these tools to grow your list.



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Our eBooks build the know-like-and-trust factor needed to convert audience members into buying a higher-ticket offer. There are three significant approaches to this type of content:


#1 - Highlight your personal success path

#2 - Introduce the 1-on-1 approach you use with your clients

#3 - Overview a method or process you’ve used to transform an area of your life


This package includes: audience research consulting, content-writing, average page length: 15-30, eBook design

Starting At $1,197


Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a powerful way to attract and convert new subscribers to an email list or social media platform.


This is a straightforward way to introduce a methodology or framework to an audience while enticing them to come back for more.


This high-converting package includes: audience research consulting, content-writing, average page length: 1-10

Starting At $397

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