About Me

Hello 💫 Nice to meet you!

If you're thinking about working with The Hive, you're probably wondering who the heck we are, right?


Well, my name is Avary, aka @thehiveconsultingco ✨ As the founder of The Hive, I offer Content Writing services as well as Mindset & Business Growth Coaching. 

Who am I? I am a:

  • World traveler & digital nomad

  • Minimalist

  • Poet

  • Manifestor

  • Health nut & pretend chef

After years of creating content & marketing for The University for Northern Iowa and Compass Real Estate, I founded The Hive to help companies and aspiring entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams. 

What's my superpower?

When I meet a new client I can quickly find areas for professional and earning potential, and then develop valuable content and coaching strategies to turn possibilities into profit.

I eat, breathe, and sleep business growth!


That's the 411 on me. Thanks for joining me in The Hive :)


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The Hive

We consult with entrepreneurs and organizations to grow their communities and business with value-packed content & mindset coaching.

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