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Are you ready to scale your biz, but you're stuck looking for the right words to say?

Well, we take care of that over here at The Hive Consulting Co.


Hi, my name is Avary, aka @thehiveconsultingco ✨ We apply a value-packed approach to creating content that helps business owners.

Here's what our words will help you out with:

  • Create evergreen content

  • Become an authority in their space

  • Earn passive income

  • Scale their biz to make a bigger impact

  • +Gain back time to do more of what they love.


Why do I do this?


After years of creating content & marketing for The University for Northern Iowa and Compass Real Estate, I founded The Hive to help service-based business owners take control of their time, money, and freedom.

Freedom is my fundamental purpose. That's probably why I sold all of my belongings and moved overseas for a few years...

What's my superpower?

When we finally meet, I will instantly be able to envision your long-term goals, and then create valuable content and consulting strategies that turn possibilities into profit.

I eat, breathe, and sleep content creation!


That's the 411 on me. Thanks for joining me in The Hive :)

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