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Interactive eBook

Done-With-You: The 5-Figure Course Creator

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This eBook is for You

I know how it goes.


You have notebooks, sticky notes, and notes in your phone (that’s a lot of notes) full of dreams about creating an online course.


Heck, you may even have created a full outline!


But was happened next?


...A sea of “competition” overcame you so you talked yourself out of going for it

...You got stuck because you couldn’t out how to turn those notes into a transformative script

...The technology elements overwhelmed you so you closed the laptop and said, “I’ll do this another day.”

...Launching turned out to be more work than you expected

...the list goes on


There’s a misconception out there that courses are the “easy” way to scale or make passive income, but when the reality of what goes into a course hits HARD


That is why I’ve created this 80+ page interactive blueprint.


Whether you’re an outsourcer who’s ready to assemble a dream team or a DIY-er eager to get a course out there, this eBook has it all!

By the end, you’ll validate your course idea, outline the course, write scripts, package & price, design slides, create high-quality training videos, write high-converting sales copy, automate the launch process, analyze your sales + more! (Or how to find professionals to do those things for you)

It’s time to make a greater impact, scale, and earn the passive income you’ve been dreaming of 💭


Let’s make 2021 the year we though 2020 was going to be 😂 🥂


Online Course Calculator

Free Google Spreadsheet to Calculate the Cost of Course Creation


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We'll validate your course idea and create a 5-star worthy transformative course outline in 90 minutes or less.

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