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Hi, I'm Avary, but you can call me your content creation connoisseur.

We take content very seriously over here, because it's more than words, it's a true transformation. 

The Hive was established to help transform the lives of entrepreneurs and business who want to:

  • Create evergreen content

  • Become an authority in their space

  • Earn passive income

  • Scale their biz to make a bigger impact

  • +Gain back time to do more of what they love.

Our superpower is being able to take you from idea to income through purpose-driven consulting and content creation. 


What Content May we Create?


Online courses aren't as easy as throwing out information and hoping it sticks. We create truly transformational online courses. Whether you need a consultant to guide you or a creator to write it for you, we'll be there!


Want a versitile offering that can act as a lead generator or passive income machine? eBooks are the way to go. As a consultant or creator, The Hive will turn a mundane concept into magic through interactive content.


Condense your genious down into a 1-2 hour webinar or masterclass. Expand your audience or add value to your membership site. The Hive is here turn your tribe into mini-experts within a New York minute.

Tools of the Trade

The Creator's Blueprint to Online Courses

The Creator's Blueprint to Online Courses

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