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How to Use Rome2Rio to Travel Europe

Updated: May 22, 2019

Planes, trains, and automobiles!

I've traveled around the world using almost every form of transportation. Last year, when I learned how to use Rome2Rio to travel Europe, my digital nomad life was changed forever!

When I first started traveling full-time about two years ago, I always opted for flights because I thought they were the easiest and most convenient choice. Luckily, that isn't the case.

With Rome2Rio you can find the best way to get to your destination via bus, train, air, ferry or rideshare. Although I mainly use Skyscanner to book cheap flights, Rome2Rio is my go-to for all ground transportation. I love this website for three reasons.

1. SAVE MONEY - The site allows you to compare all the travel options so you can see what's quickest, but most importantly, what's cheapest.

2. SEE MORE - When you travel Europe and travel the UK via ground transportation, you're able to see so much more! My absolute favorite way to travel is by bus/coach, because you get to stop in towns along the way. This means you can see more without paying more. In fact, you pay LESS.

3. AVOID AIRPORTS - Is it just me, or are airports the worst?! The lines, baggage fees, and lack of wi-fi connection are enough to make me run for the hills. Using Rome2Rio to book a bus, train, or ferry ticket allows you to avoid airports altogether. Not only do most coaches have FREE wifi, but you can also bring a carry-on and checked-bag for FREE. Also, the only line you have to stand in last about 5 minutes tops.

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In addition to saving money, seeing more, and avoiding airports, Rome2Rio is an amazing tool for planning out an entire Euro-trip. You can add as many stops as you'd like on your journey, and the site maps out your route and gives you multiple options to keep costs low.

Need I say more??

Didn't think so.

Check out the video above to learn how to use Rome2Rio to travel Europe.

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