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How to Get Paid as a Freelancer - Hello Bonsai Tutorial

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

According to the Freelancers Union, over 70% of freelancers have issues getting paid from clients at some point.

I myself am still owed hundreds, yes, HUNDREDS, of dollars from clients who I've worked with in the past.

Ensuring payment as a freelancer is hard if you don't have contracts and systems in place.

Up until several months ago, I was using only PayPal and Upwork to bill clients. When using PayPal, I'd simply send an invoice each week that wasn't connected to a contract of any kind. I trusted these clients enough to assume that they'd pay in in full, and on time, but that wasn't always the case.

With Upwork, I always got paid, but about 20% of my income was taken out for Upwork fees. It killed me a little each time I saw one-fifth of MY money being taken from me.

I wanted to get paid as a freelancer, but didn't want to give up 20% of my paycheck to do so.

So, I did some research on how to create legally-binding contracts for freelancers, and that's when I found Hello Bonsai.

Hello Bonsai gives freelancers peace-of-mind by providing bulletproof contracts, invoices, time-tracking tools, project management systems, and accounting technologies. It is literally everything you need to run your freelance business in one place.

Watch my Hello Bonsai tutorial to learn how legally get paid as a freelancer for EVERY PROJECT.

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